Is toenail fungus giving you fear of flip-flops?

Our new Q-Clear laser treatment may be the answer.

Now there’s a way to improve toenails marred by unsightly fungus, without messy topical creams or the possibly harmful side effects of oral antifungal medicines.

Our new Q-Clear laser uses pulses of light to kill toe fungus both around and through the nail. The procedure is fast, with only mild discomfort. Visible improvements often come quickly after the first treatment, though three treatments spaced one month apart produce optimal results.

As the damaged and discolored nail grows out, normal nail appears in its place. In one study, 95% of patients who tried Q-Clear’s pulsed laser treatment showed significant clearing of their fungus-related problem.

Right now, you can get three Q-Clear treatments for $600, for all of your affected toenails, including econazole to enhance the laser’s effect.

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More information

For more information about Q-Clear laser treatment for nail fungus, visit the Light Age website.