Our new FotoFinder system uses advanced Total Body Mapping technology to quickly spot new moles and changes in your existing moles. FotoFinder can help identify melanoma and other skin cancers at their earliest stage, when they’re easiest to treat.

Using a high-resolution camera, this digital mole mapping technology charts the location, size and appearance of the moles on your body (except the breast and genital areas). While not a replacement for an experienced dermatologist, it is able to flag moles that warrant additional examination.

More important, on future visits the system is able to compare the current state of your moles to the map it created previously, alerting your medical provider to new moles or changes that might have occurred to previous moles, like those the system circled in red below.

Mole Mapping

This makes Total Body Mapping technology particularly useful for patients with a large number of moles, allowing more precise identification of changes than is possible with the human eye.

Hudson Dermatology is the only practice in the Hudson Valley making this new technology available to its patients.

Why moles matter

Moles are often the first sign of serious skin cancers like malignant melanoma. These cancers can grow quickly, and they are most easily treated when they are caught early and confined to a small area. If left untreated, they may grow deeper into the skin and even spread to other places in the body, making them much more difficult to treat.

Hudson Dermatology provides expert removal of cancerous and pre-cancerous moles. We also offer Mohs surgery, a procedure that removes lesions gradually in small slices, causing as little cosmetic damage as possible. This skin-sparing procedure is often used in highly visible areas like the face and scalp.

Total Body Mapping is is available only in our Poughkeepsie office. Please call us at (845) 473-2350 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Preparing for mole mapping

If you are coming for a mole mapping appointment, please read these instructions before your visit.