Telemedicine and new hours to address the coronavirus pandemic

Hudson Dermatology is making some important adjustments to continue to serve our patients safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. This will include a reduction in office hours and the addition of teledermatology — videochat examinations via phone or computer.

Each of our locations will be open at least one day a week, with providers available to accommodate patients with urgent skin care needs. Some in-office services administered by our estheticians, such as excimer laser treatment for psoriasis, will also continue.

Our new teledermatology service will let us connect you to a Hudson Dermatology provider from your home using either FaceTime, available on the Mac and the iPhone, or Skype, available on Windows and other platforms. We plan to use it for non-urgent issues such as follow-up care, rashes, suspicious spots, minor skin problems, and prescription refills. We will schedule an additional in-office visit if necessary.

If you have an appointment coming up in the next few weeks, we’ll be in touch soon to reschedule if necessary and to connect you with the right kind of care. If you would like to contact us sooner, please email us at and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Hudson Dermatology remains determined to give our patients the highest quality of care available, especially during this health crisis. Please stay safe and follow the guidelines for social distancing, hand-washing, and reducing transmission of the virus. We look forward to seeing you again in person soon.

Dr. Hendrik Uyttendaele, Dr. Ross Zeltser, and the providers and staff of Hudson Dermatology

Some urgent care also available

In addition to providing urgent dermatology care and teledermatology during the coronavirus outbreak, Hudson Dermatology’s offices can treat some issues that you might think of taking to an urgent care or emergency room. This will allow urgent care centers to focus on people seeking help for respiratory issues and more serious injuries. We diligently observe all recommendations for protecting you and our staff from spreading the virus.

We can help you with:

  • skin infections, rash or itch
  • shingles, herpes blister or other painful skin conditions
  • boils or cysts
  • hives or similar allergic reactions
  • a wound that may require stitches

Give us a call at (845) 473-2350 or email and we’ll try to accommodate you. You can view the locations, days and hours of each of our offices by visiting this page.